• Appearance Design


      Appearance modeling design, material color matching visual design, modeling and simulation rendering; need rich aesthetic knowledge combined with scientific and technological mapping technology, so that product appearance design more advanced
    • Structural Design


      Split assembly design, appearance conversion structure design, processing technology design; need to be proficient in factory manufacturing process, perfect appearance design into structure
    • Technical Support


      Act as your designer; provide long-term technical team support to meet your customized requirements with years of industry experience
    • Mobile phone website and APP

      向日葵视频成年人MOBILE WEBSITE

      Focus on the mobile phone web site design, micro sites, mobile phone APP custom development, create a dynamic brand website, in the mobile Internet market.

In November 2009

men who love the design work of set up the web design studio at the weekend...

In May 2009

steady development gradually accumulated rich customer resources...

In July 2010

Along with the staff and customer resources continue...

In December 2012

Service has more than 600 customers, the company product research and development...

In October 2013

in cooperation with a number of well-known enterprises...

In May 2014

Dream weaving 58 merged with Shanghai XXX software company...

In February, 2015

Cooperate with inscription art, film and television media company to provide Internet...

In October 2015

to better provide customers with a full range of Internet services...



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